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Not to be labelled as only a political blogger due to my last post, here is some of the other things I am promoting around the web.

Over at RfL, I have not done any 2.0 shows this week due to another head cold. My voice and throat are out of whack, but I have been busy. I started a new section called, “The New Media Cynic,” where I take on what I perceive to be the myths in the online media world.

Also, I have divided all the categories in to individual feeds so that people can subscribe only to the content they want. Don’t worry, if you are prone to worrying, the main feed, which brings all of RfL to you is still in place.

Now, why is there yet another slowdown in the RfL production? I am having a crisis of
Faith. Not of belief, but of how to conform the RfL media to get inline with my Christian Beliefs without scaring off my fans.

Why does that matter?

Because I want to create content that reaches everyone, not just those that believe like I do. Lewis, Tolkien, and others, obviously more creative than I, have used allegory to such an extent that both Christians and non-Christians love their work, and in the process, get their message.  Head over to Jesus Pirates for more on this topic.

And, as always, most of my time is devoted to Certified Golf. Jobs, eh?



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