Whoop Whoop! Alert! If Things Keep Going Like They are, I May Need To Get Into Political Blogging

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Pic: Freedom is Around the Corner by Bright Tal (Political)

I make no promises, but things are totally looking down right now. The new Pres. is not only underwhelming, he is downright frightening. At least he is frightening to those that love liberty, freedom, and the chance to make something out of our lives.

If you are in the crowd that feels the need to be taken care of, no matter what the costs to your liberty and freedom, just remember, you get what you ask for. That should send a chill right down your spine, but you are probably too busy thinking of what you are going to do with your handouts to be bothered with freedom and pesky things like making something out of your lives.

Wait, with the above two paragraphs, I do believe I have started political blogging. Oh my, here we go!




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