Getting Hacked Off

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Baby_Hack by VanderlinPic: Baby Hack by Vanderlin

We got hacked, and bad at that. It started with the spam attacks being sent from my servers. I was looking into the problem when the volume of spam dropped off. I figured at that time that all was well.

I was wrong.

Sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning the main attack came. Every one of my sites was riddled with javascript trojans and other nice goodies. Almost every .php script was infected on every site on my server.

One site, 3Currencies, did not make it back. My other sites re now back up, and safe, but still limping a bit.

I hate hackers, I really do, but at least we are back. Oh, I also found the file that was generating the spam attacks.

When things like this happen, you have to look for the small victories.

My eyes are crossed from all the code I sorted yesterday. I hope this doesn’t happen again, ever.

Be sure to check out the new site,



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