What the Hell is Daniel Hannon Channeling?

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Yesterday I wondered who would step up and lead our nation by channeling his or her inner Murray Rothbard. I am totally serious in this question for our nation.

Now we have Daniel Hannen handing a virtual beating to Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the UK, and what a smackdown it is. Now, being a Tory, I don’t think Hannan is channeling Murray Rothbard,but he is channeling something. Possible Thatcher or maybe even Churchill?

Either way, I am liking it!

The chances of someone stepping up in our country on a platform of Libertarianism so pure as to approach Anarcho-Capitalism, or anarchy, is slim. It is even more slim that that person would be anything but marginalized.

With that in mind, we need to look for the second best candidate. Someone principled and tough as nails. Someone that will say and do what is needed without sticking a finger up to see which way the wind is blowing.

Ron Paul did not have a big enough roar and was marginalized.

Bobby Jindal has the principles, but he also knows how to not stir the pot.

Sarah Palin seems to have what it takes, but this past election has left a few questions. These need to be answered and her roar would have to grow as well.

Daniel Hannon roared with total belief in his words and his positions. He brought energy into that room. He inspired those of like beliefs. And he did all of this right into the face of the man he was shaming. Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

No wavering. No caveats. No complements to smooth things over. Just straight talk that needed to be said.

I would love to have someone take a lead with solid Libertarian ideals. I will however settle for someone that has balls and principles like Danial Hannan.

So where is that person?

I suggest we send out a search party ASAP!

The video is below.



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  1. William Jordan

    It is refreshing to here someone stepping up and telling the truth. I believe that this time, more than ever, requires us to intelligently present facts to our leaders and challenge their thinking. The real reason why they have failed is because we have failed to say NO!!!! Lets join together in some way and educate ourselves so that we may better represent our own cause and country!

  2. V Bratcher

    Here – Here!! When can American’s begin to “Just Say NO!” to our politicians and economic leaders? American’s need to educate ourselves about our own current events and national issues that impact today and our future generations – here and across the world. What are both sides of issues and options? Dig for our own answers – deeper than some companies’ line or the PR line of an organization or leader.

    We also need to instill interest in our families toward raising informed children interested in such elements of our modern world. Let’s revitalize the town hall meetings for community issues, expand those for metropolitan needs, and help each other as individual citizens take ownership for steps to improve our lives and communities. We will be stronger through such action by being part of the solution. The days of leaving decisions to “those who know best” seem to have gone – maybe the informed common man can know best. And I’m not limiting informed to formal educational training. Some of the wisest individuals are ordinary citizens, self-educated, invested in their world, and willing to act when needed.

    I speak to myself first in this!

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