Where is the Leader That Can Channel His Inner Murray Rothbard?

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Murray Rothbard

Serious question in the title. Who will step up and lead in this day and age? Who will be the person to lead us away from this socialist utopia which we seem to be destined, led by the omnipotent Obama and his cronies?

Yes, one word for it is Libertarian, but the more appropriate word is Anarchist. Fee Market Anarchism of Anarcho-Capitalism, if you will.

We need a reset, and we need to lose the cute term that is becoming meaningless.

A friend, a Canadian by the way, questioned me before the election and asked me why I would not support Barack Obama. He said he was sort of Libertarian also and loved the chosen one.

See, the cute word has become irrelevent.

We need to embrace the true words of revolution. It is time for Anarchy.

Problem is, most people think of anarchy as that described in the mostly puberty driven words in the “Anarchist Cookbook” and the like. Most people have no idea what true anarchy is.

Well, people that can’t be bothered to learn the truth are part of the problem.

I recommend that those interested in real change check out the work of Rothbard and that of the Austrian Economic School.

Freedom, what a wonderful concept.

Also, although not perfect, check out the FairTax, which is a step in the right direction.



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