I Have Finally Done It

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I am spending all my time on projects for other people, instead of my own creations. From my day job as the e-comm director for Certified Golf NC, to my growing web design and administration side gig, to favors for others, I have almost completely abandoned my own stuff.

I used to call people that did that crazy. (BTW, I still do)

It is just that I seem to have joined the ranks of the insane. I am now doing for others all that I used to do for myself. It just seems so much easier doing it for others. (some actually pay as well)

Of course I am talking about website design, SEO, social networking, media creation, and so on.

Well, usually the first step in solving a problem is admitting it is there.

Of course, not all of my production battles are to be blamed on my day job and freelance work. Some of the blame lies firmly on a hacker with an ip address from China. I am talking about the guy that hacked my hosting and made a mess of the back end of my sites.

Yeah, the malicious code is gone, mostly, but some of the mess remains. Plus, looking through all those .php scripts looking for that code takes away a person’s will to exist. Trust me on that. I hope no one reading this ever has that experience, even if I pretty much hate you.

It is true, I have finally found the one thing I would not wish on my worst enemy. It turns out it is getting hacked. Go figure.

The one other drama that has kept me away from producing is ongoing, and I still can’t talk about it. There is one difference now, however. That difference is that I can no longer go on without producing my shows. I had sworn not to produce anything else until this issue was brought to a close, but I have to go back on that pledge.

I need to produce again. I really miss doing the shows.

So, within the week, the “Eban and SJ Express” is coming back at you. Yes, it is a for better or worse situation. It depends on your view of RfL, I guess.

I also just upgraded some equipment on the animated front, as well as purchased a better camera for the video stuff.

Well, for tonight, it is off to the land of content management systems as I have yet another deadline approaching for a client, so adios for now!



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