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What a freakin title, eh?

But, the thing is, I do have woes, and I also have some pretty kickass things going. I just happen to think that woes is much better as an attention getter.

Hey, the world is negative, yo!

I mean, woes are here, but it is not like I have aliens crawling out of my ass. Actually, that might not be a woe. I mean, seriously, that could be cool.

Well, it could be cool if they were small aliens. Nobody wants that bitch that Sigourney Weaver took on in the first movie appearing out of the shoot. That thing had some serious spines.

But I digress. This post is not about my woes, no matter what the title may say.

In all fairness, since this post is just about done, it is safe to say this was not about much at all.



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