Busy is the New Black, At least in My Life

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There is a saying, “If you want something done, task it to a busy person,” and that is not far from the mark.

These days, I have gone from a period of famine to full on feast, as it relates to freelance work. Gone are the days of floundering, trying to get something going.

There is a weird side condition to all this. Even though I am so much more busy, I am getting things done beyond the all new workload. Things that I technically should have had more time to do before this latest round of new work, but always thought I could not get done.

I guess it is a mindset. Being busy is very positive, while having nothing to do is very depressing. Go figure.

The old saying holds true, at least if my life experience is to be counted.

That being said, I have a new video up at Reaching for Lucidity Productions talking about my day, my jobs, what I am drinking, and so on. Check it out if you can.

There is actually a full post there, but the video gives something away that is not in the written part of the post. That info is, I have two new Rocket City Riot songs for the relaunch of RfL 2.0 which is coming in less than 7 days!

Like I said, it is easier to do things now that I am busy than back when I had nothing but time. RfL 2.0 and the animated series are coming back.

Man, it feels good to not be a gangster.


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