Evernote Is Now Into Sharing

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I actually don’t know where I am going with this post. This is a reaction to Evernote now allowing shared notebooks. Shared with friends or the world. It also allows you to grant writing and edit access.

So, this is cool. Evernote is a big name in the online notes/organization business. Thing is, many other platforms that do nearly the same thing have had community editing and sharing for a while, so it is good that Evernote took care of this feature.

I am not all that impressed, to be honest. I use Evernote and I like it, I am just getting a bit sick of everything having to be a community project.

I know that is not fair. You don’t have to make your account shared, it is  a choice. It is a choice I would not begrudge anyone. I guess I am just feeling a bit exposed. I am pulling back a bit from sharing everything, at all times. I am a bit tired of the term transparent.

The news yesterday that Facebook was going to change the default account setting of private to public started this. Even though it looks like the reports were a bit confused, it still made me think a bit. Facebook was the place I had on the web where I only shared with those I chose to have in my circle. Everywhere else was public Eban.

Yep, this is totally an “MP”, a “my problem.” Also, this feeling will pass, it always does. I guess it is good to question things every now and then. Who would have thought it would be a feature announcment from a web service that would trigger it.

Go figure.

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