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I just got home from the day gig at Certified Golf. I am currently redesigning the website and getting our online presence a bit more depth. The new design should go live by Wed-Thursday.

I still have to do a promotional video for the front page.

Now I get to drop into my evening gig, which is freelance design and content creation. I am currently working on Alicia Whiteway’s team to get her Tell Ur Vision / Alisha TV site going. In addition, I have some updates and page creation to do by Wednesday for the NC Fairtax site. I also have a couple of proposals to work on and another site to launch.

Hey, whoever said it is either feast or famine was an insanely intelligent chap.

Well, I am going to put in a couple of hours tonight, then I am going to watch Taken with Effie.

What are you doing tonight?

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