Land of the Totally Lost

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The Good Old Days of Land of the Lost

Admission time, I loved Land of the Lost when I was a kid. I loved all of the Sid and Marty K. stuff when I was a kid. Those surreal worlds they created were whacky to say the least. They were not safe. These worlds had way more edge than Superfriends and the like.

The cool kids watched Land of the Lost, Sigmund, H.R. Puffenstuff, Speedbuggy, and so on. The soft kids made due with the fluffier fare.

But, do the shows hold up, especially the Land of the Lost? In a certain context, they do.

They were kid shows, and as such, were perfect. They did not insult the intelligence of the kids by talking down or sugar coating the world while staying true to the fact that their audience was still young. The shows were cheesy, low budget fun.

Had I found these shows as an adult, I would have laughed my ass off and walked away. Good thing they were meant for kids.

Also, kids today, which have more edge in infancy with their sex-up diaper wear from A&F–Yes I am exaggerating, a bit–than some teenagers had in my day, would not get it. At least the way it used to be. Remember, the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family still had some game back then, today the cast of Gossip Girl would kick their asses, literally.

When I watch these old shows now, I get nice nostalgic feelings, but I see all the warts I overlooked as a kid. These shows were just nice, but definitely a product of the age.

The Land of the Totally Lost via Ferrell

So, what is the best way to honor these shows of days past? After reading a review of the new movie version of Land of the Lost, It is easy to think the way to honor the shows is too make a totally horrible and out of context film.

To say that this review gives the worst marks I have seen in a while is an understatement. Although I usually reserve judgement on movies until after I have seen them, I am inclined to agree with this review. Why? The trailers.

I have seen many of bad movies based on good trailers. Hell, the trailer is the movies advertising, the place where the distributors get to show you the best bits to win your movie watching dollars. The trailers for the Land of the Lost have not only been less than entertaining, they have been painfully awful. So awful in fact, that if they lasted longer, I might schedule a dentist appointment instead of watching the trailer, all the while telling him to hold the anesthesia and asking if he minded if I were to masturbate with a cheese grater while he works.

Yeah, that bad.

I would now like to take the opportunity to ask Hollywood to do myself, hell, all of us a favor. Would you please stop ruining our childhood memories so you can make a buck?

Didn’t thing so, but I had to try.



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