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Cutting my backyard is always a challenge. It is not big, but it is bumpy, curvy, and a whole lot of other “y’s”. Well, this morning, my backyard took out a bracket on my mower, which took out the tire, which got sucked into the blades, which then ejected it at my head.
Suddenly I am feeling okay. Dodged another one. Cat’s with nine lives? Please! I got them beat!
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  1. Patola

    Holy crap batman. Should have bought a hovering mower with lasers instead of the traditional mower shown in the pics.

  2. I was going to get my jedi lightsaber powered mower, but they said I have not yet made enough sweet love to the stupid midichlorians to reach the appropriate level for a license. Damn stupid jedi council! I am happy Anakin kicked their asses!

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