Something to Ponder Concerning Success, Social Media Stardom, and Twitter

I have been avoiding Twitter more than normal lately. This is almost one hundred percent attributable to the influx of the new growth crowd and the rise of the Twitter marketing spammers.

There have always been the guru types, or evangelists, experts, and so on lurking on Twitter. The types that somehow figure that communicating in 140 character phrases somehow makes them an expert at something. The new crowd is way more annoying.

I am not completely innocent here. I once used the term guru and expert to describe myself, and I tried to show people the way. (Luckily for me, I never descended to the use of “ROCKSTAR”, that is just stupid) I was going to take over the world with my podcasts and networking, and make big-bucks helping others do the same. Thankfully, the learning curve on this behavior was pretty quick. Quicker in fact than the learning curve of my internet marketing days.

The thing is, once I quit trying to be an expert and stopped trying to act like I was going to make a difference in the world and my own financial life by using all the cool, time wasting, internet social media services, I started to see my web and computer based income grow again.

Yep, the podcasts, even with my Mevio contract, never made me rich.  Trying to lead others guru-style not only never made me any money, but made me look and feel foolish in the end. I was playing at being successful online, all the while wasting the time I had available to do the things I am not only good at, but at one time did supply my income.

Well, dropping the pretenses and getting back to what I do well has paid off. I am now the E-commerce director at a golf retailer in Raleigh. And yes, that is a real, paying, internet and social media position. No fame, no idolatry from web folks, just a real job that is all in all pretty fun and plays to my areas of talent.

Also, Reaching for Lucidity Productions has been bringing in more income than ever, but not from the podcasting. I still get beer and entertainment money from my Mevio contract, but that is all. No, I changed the focus back to my strengths, design and media. Again, this all happens out of the big spotlight of internet fame, but it is fun as hell. Producing short audio, animation, and websites freelance is what RfL productions is all about now, and I am not hurting for jobs.

So, that is something to ponder. Once I stopped trying to be an A-lister and make a fortune and have “fans”, I actually started to get my actual success back. Sometimes you have to get out of the way and let life happen. Trying to direct life against the flow is not always a good idea. Life is short, you have to live.

This is the second time I learned this lesson, just in different circumstances. The first time I learned this is when I stopped trying to be an internet marketing phenomenon. I was told by a person that was wiser than me at the time, that there are two types of people making money at internet marketing. Those that are selling the dream of marketing–unscrupulously–to others, and those that you will never hear of. Of those two types, the most successful are the anonymous.

It is true, you can sell the fake fantasy of internet marketing success and make some bucks, but the folks that do that are already in place and there is not really any more  room at the top. But the folks that really make the bucks are the people that sell beach chairs to vacationers. They are the folks that sell garden supplies to gardeners. You get the picture.

Remember, the people that made money in the gold rush were not the prospectors, it was the guys that sold the prospectors the picks, shovels, and donkeys.

So there, total honesty–humbling honesty actually– from a one-time guru wannabe. I am having a blast right now and I am making some money. Even better, I no longer feel the need to be validated by people that spend all their time trying to be somebody on the web.

Hell, I am just about sick of listening to the folks that actually did reach the upper echelon of web celebrity and guru-dom. These days I get more kicks by watching the guy known as Amanda Chapel and Loren Feldman knock the big egos around a bit.

I still use the services, but I will never again let the use get in the way of my real life.

Hell, I did name myself the “New Media Cynic.”

Go figure.


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