Helping the cause, Dave Carroll vs. United Airlines

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This is funny and totally expected. The full story can be found at Dave’s Myspace page , but to summarize…

Dave Carroll was on tour with Sons of Maxwell and someone on their United flight noticed the flight crews were throwing guitars. They busted up Dave’s $3500 Taylor guitar in the process. After months of fruitless haggling with United, they basically told Dave to screw off.

Hey, wait a minute, isn’t this guy a musician?

Well, Dave told the last person he talked to, and who is immortalized in this song, that he was going to do three songs, and three videos of the affair. Here is the first.

$3500 for a new guitar that they destroyed, or who knows how much cleaning up the public relations mess. Yeah, United chose well.

Let’s get the views up on these videos to help the cause.


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