Noticed Something on Google Reader Today

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Google reader has a comment function. No, I am not an idiot, I have known that for some time. What I did not know is that people have been actually commenting on my shared items.

Am I missing something? Is there a notification setting on the system that I have overlooked?

I now feel odd as the people that left a comment may feel that I am not responding on purpose. I am not ignoring you, really.

With shared items, I never get the urge to go back and check on things. I always figured that things would get bumped in the reader if a comment is left.

Now, I am not talking about sharing with a note, but the comments function under the items.

So, to everyone that has commented on something I shared, especially Random who comments a lot, sorry. I just did not realize. I guess I have to stay more vigilant from now on.


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