Randalls employee fired for chasing theft suspect

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Randalls employee fired for chasing theft suspect.

I get corporate fear. I get playing it safe. I get acting like total pansies. That is personified at Randalls Grocery stores, which is part of Safeway.

I used to be asset protection for a large corporation in the mid to late 90’s. Not just a store security guard, but an actual crime fighter as the company I worked for took theft and loss seriously. I had the authority to make arrests and take down suspects that I had solid evidence against.

Hell, it was kind of wild west, carrying a badge and cuffs, watching the camera’s and doing on floor surveillance. Only a few companies had this level of security, and almost all of them sell things that cost a lot more than they should.

Things started changing, however,  and I had to get out of the business. We were still held to loss and arrest quotas, but the company started fearing for lawsuits and implemented a lot of rules which not only made doing our job harder, but made things more dangerous for us, the asset protection guys.

It was damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It was intolerable. It was the direction that leads to this kind of miscarriage of justice, the firing of a guy that should be a hero. I get the, “he violated policy,” crap. I think the policies are just that, crap.

Go see Grand Torrino, Go see John Wayne movies, Go see how men used to be. This is not it.

I hope those asset protection guys from Randalls, The corporate hacks, and the store manager all feel good while pretending to be real men. I suspect their wives know better. They are just sad pathetic posers. The real man is unemployed now.

I hope he finds work soon. He, Mr. Troy Schafer, is a good man.

The world needs more like him, and less of those corporate idiots.

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  1. So the man violated his training and got fired? I don’t see what the big effing deal is here.

    When I worked retail, we were instructed to do the same. It wasn’t our job and their insurance wouldn’t cover us getting injured chasing a robber.

    I thought you were a libertarian, man. Are you saying that companies should keep people that break their policies? What’s the point of training people if you have to keep them when they violate them?

    On an unrelated note, the light red on dark red theme is really hard on the eyes 🙁

  2. Have the head in the sand ostrich thing going on much lately?

    This is a horrible societal problem that we face thanks to on over litigious society and pansy, too touchy feely leadership. The problem is that we are institutionally told to not do the right thing. Don’t watch out for your neighbor. Look the other way when someone is victimized.

    I am glad that you followed your training when you were in retail. How for would you go to not disturb the rules laid down, no matter how wrongheaded? How for would you be pushed before you would do the right thing and put a fellow human above the stupid, protectionist crap?

    This kid probably knows the “rules.” He will think twice next time. This kid did not steal an apple. I would be totally on side. This kid victimized a person on the premises of a retail establishment. They, whether the rules say it or not, have a responsibility to look after those on the property. It took an ex-marine, a man that knows how to be a man, to do what was right and think about it later.

    Honestly, would you have been one of the folks on the hijacked planes on 911 that were doinf the right thing as laid out by the airlines, which is not make waves, or would you rather think of yourself as the folks that downed the plane in the field that was heading towards Washington?

    Just because a rule is in place does not make it a just, or right, rule.

    I would like to think that under those same circumstances I would do the right thing, not the safe, or instructed thing. I would probably have to face the same fate, but that in no way makes the fate correct.

    To enable a system that is broke is criminal to me, at least morally.

    I saw this quite a few times while living in the UK as well. I have written on this blog about the rescue worker fired for doing his job and saving the life of a 16 year old. I have also written about the ambulance crew that let a young boy die on a beach while walking to his location because they were following health and safety regulations.

    Follow every rule if you must. That is the safe and true way to make sure you are ok. I for one commend this guy for looking out for someone other than himself. That is where the good deeds, and the good hearts are measured.

  3. Oh yeah, and momentary hostility aside, ;-), thanks for the honest feedback on the font color. I have been experimenting, trying to get a different look. Some things have worked and others haven’t. I am going back to something safer for the moment until I can get it just like I want.


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