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Cd “Orisha: Falling Open” by Orisha, available now from CD Baby.

Sometimes I like music hard, sometimes I like it fast, Sometimes I like it fun, sometimes I like it sad. But then there are the times when I like it mellow. The new CD from Australian artist Orisha proves that you can have a bit of mellow, but still get it served with a good dose of edge.

I like that.

The write up at CD Baby says:

Lush, vocal-based electronic-glitch-pop, heartfelt lyrics and lavish soundscapes create a moody sonic journey. Trip-hop and chanteuse influenced, beats, glitches, melodies and harmonies.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. CD Baby also compares the music to Björk, Kate Bush, and Massive Attack. Not a bad group to be associated with.

I am particularly drawn to the song Waiting for a Change. The song has a haunting quality that really moves me. It is definitely one of the standout tracks on a superb album. Although all tracks have their charm, other standouts for me are the tracks Falling Open and Se Tu M’ami, the later which has a stronger beat and adds to the overall feel of this release.

The tracks are:

  1. Left Alone
  2. Smile
  3. Waiting for a Change
  4. Creature
  5. Falling Open
  6. You
  7. Beautiful Thing
  8. Se Tu M’ami
  9. Cottonwool
  10. 6:13 am

I am the kind of guy that listens to classical and death metal, and most flavors in between, except country of course. Still, electronic ambient, trip-hop, whatever you want to call it, if done right moves me when I am in the right mood. If you find yourself in the mood for some electronic goodness, I highly recommend this latest release from Orisha.

Some great tunes from down under.


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