Updated, less cluttered view of the Command Center

Well, I had to tear down the command center to get ready for our new line from AT&T. When putting it back together, I figured I would de-clutter it a bit as it was getting a bit crowded, as seen here.

It is easier to get things done with a bit less clutter.



***For the latest command center pic, click here. Below are previous views.



We have changed things several times since the above photo. Here is the latest look as of April 23, 2012

The desk is now a stand up set up, but I can move the keyboard and bring in my chair if needed.

Ableton Live 8 on the screen. M-audio midi controller–2 1 TB external hard drives– Sony TV acts as monitor for laptop, tower, and cable–Behringer mixer–Wacom tablet–Generic Mac style keyboard–GE mouse–Blue Ball microphone–Korg Kaossilator–Zoom H4n multi recorer/studio–HP lappy–Logitech gamepad.

My Les Paul–Line 6 amp–Digitech multi effects processor–combo wah/volume pedal–Casio keyboard for horsing around

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