We got T-boned tonight

This is our car, our Scion. We are okay. I was in the passenger seat and got launched into Faith. Weirdness comes in here, Faith is more injured than me. Evidently I’m more dangerous than a Mitsubishi Galant.

Well, I need to go tend to Effie. She is sore. Big shout out to Alicia and Stuart Whiteway who came to our rescue with food and support. Good friends make the world go round.




6 thoughts on “We got T-boned tonight”

  1. Thank goodness you both will be alright. I hope Faith gets some rest tonight, maybe soak in a hot tub, get a massage and take an advil or something for the soreness.

    Looks like the car protected y’all well …. sorry the car got messed up, but I am super happy y’all are ok.

    Hugs and love,

  2. Glad to hear that the two of you are ok…well besides the soreness. I hope that the both of you are back to good soon!

    Miss and love you both!

  3. I am so glad that you both are ok….the care is repairable thank goodness….so it is driveable too it looks like…thank god for that…i am glad your friends came to help out…tell them i said thank you so much for looking after the both of you…..will check in with you both on wednesday…i have surgery in the morning…..night and love ya’ll!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone. I will say it again and again from now on, Scion, and by extension, Toyota, saved our life. Effie is still a little sore, but I am actually fine, and I was in the passenger seat. The car that hit us never braked, it was actually accelerating. We love the Scion!

    It does look like the lady that hit us is trying to change her story to her insurance which is holding up the claim. She needs to watch it as there is a crazy thing called an official accident report where her original story backs up the actual events perfectly. She needs someone to explain the word perjury to her. Still, until it is all settled, her insurance will not accept liability. We are in a rental on our own dime until then.

    Insurance is fun.

    Cheers everyone.

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