I Have Had a Busy Weekend

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So, I have known that there may be some work coming my way on a certain design project, but I never knew exactly when. Well, I got a call to attend a meeting on Friday. That was when.

I was tasked with developing a site starting Friday evening that needed to be up by today, at the latest. The job was to put together a site for thirteen year old author, Dakota Lee.

They needed it all. A website, an integrated blog, and a shopping cart for merchandise and downloads.

So, what the hell, I took the job. I am happy to say that I got the site up by 3:00pm eastern, today.

There is still further work needed on the site. I have to clean up some of the code and css, I need to add some more functionality, and of course, they do want to add to the site. Still, I think I pulled this one off pretty good, and yes, I am pretty beat. It was a long weekend.

Well, because of this, I was not able to get the show out Friday, but this job had to take the priority. That will be the theme from now on, I will get the shows out when possible, but I have to take the jobs when they come.

Luckily, not every job has this time frame and complexity. Luckily I had the help of a good team, including graphic designer Lisa Chase.

Well, you can check out the site, as is, at Dakota Lee dot com. That Dakota is an impressive young woman, so show her some love, K.

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