It Was Time To Drop my Own Code

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Well, I have updated the blog portion of my site. It was time as the blog was lagging behind the website portion.

For the longest time I have used the Branford theme, which I loved. Of course, I would tweak the hell out of it to make it more my own, but the code driving the blog was still code that someone else produced.

It is funny as I custom design blogs for others, but used a market theme for my own. I decided it was time to upgrade. So here is the new RfL blog.

I kept a lot of the same look, just updated. I did make it more blog-like and less magazine style than before, while keeping a lot of the usability. And it is mine.

Well, that is all for now. As is always the case, I will tweak this continuously, but I now have a good start for that tweaking. Have a great Sunday.


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