Marketing fail: Is Competing with Compete?

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I am not a marketer. Not one bit. I guess you can call me a narketer, or not, as that has no meaning whatsoever. I am also not a guru, expert, talking head, evangelist, none of those things. I usually let those folks talk about marketing. Still, sometimes something comes up that is such an obvious bad idea, I feel safe in commenting.

I checked my Gmail this morning and found something funny. A marketing ‘fail’ of sorts. Here is what I found.

(click image for larger version)

The complete compete marketing fail

Can you say “mixed message?”

I like compete. I go there often to compare penises stats with other folks that do the things that I do. Still, I think their team could be a little more on the ball with the messages they send out. Especially since these two messages came in one after the other. The even funnier part is that the 20% off came in after the 30% off offer. These are the folks you want in front of you when negotiating a salary, they don’t get the game.

So what is it? Is it 20% or 30%?

Is it that hard to stay on message today?

I guess it is.



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  1. I’m willing to bet it was a fudge-up with the mailing lists.

    Group A was supposed to get an offer for 30% off and Group B 20%. Someone forgets to split the list appropriately and OOPS!

  2. Hi Jason,

    Absolutely. As they tend to say, the devil is in the details. Maybe they should pay a bit more attention to those details.

    But then again, if they did that, I would have to look elsewhere for my unintentional comedy.

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