Pondering Change and Reaching for Lucidity

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Just musing a bit here. With the return of RfL actually happening this time–the behind the scenes stuff has been worked out–should I just drop back in, or should I change things up?

I am not afraid of change, hell, I am sort of a fan. But with RfL, I wonder if I should resist the urge. The reason I stopped producing had nothing to do with the shows and I think those that liked the shows liked them, “as is.”

Like I said, just musing. However, if you had a say in the decision, what would you say? I am curious.

Now, all the above stuff is just about the RfL 2.0 show, the animated adventures is going to get a makeover. The makeover was already planned and ready to go before the production stoppage. For that, you will have to wait and see.

So, with all that in mind, hit me with your thoughts.


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