Pressing from the Blackberry

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Well, I now have WordPress for the Blackberry installed. I needed this to keep things going here and post on the fly.

Before I would use three services to post from my phone. First was utterli, but the proprietary feature set got to me. I then switched to Posterous, which I like and still use. I only use it when I need to post to all of my accounts though.

What I was using for WordPress only is Cellspin, which I love.

So, why do I need WP for BB? Duplicate content, which Google penalizes. Whenever I post from those services, a copy of the post lives on those sites as well. When I use Posterous, a copy lives on many sites.

So, I am going to give WP for BB a try. I do have to be more cautious though as my phone typing is mistake prone and I hate proofreading on my phone worse than on a computer screen.

I guess we will see how it goes.


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  1. Hmmm, I guess WP for BB does not get the use of the enter key for paragraphs. Need to look into that. This is a note to myself. Yes, I know typing to yourself is a bit more deliberate than talking to yourself, and thus is a bit more disturbing.

    Hey, you read this blog. What is here that is not disturbing?

    Oh, did I just type that?

    Oops, move along, nothing to see here.

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