Reaching for lucidity 2.0 ep #409, Rocket City Riot and a Great Rock Mix

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We have a great rock mix for you for show #409. Hell, we are so excited, we are releasing the show a day early! Be sure to hang around as we have a Juggernaut coming Friday, Aug. 14, as well.

We  have some great new tunes from our Royal Court members Rocket City Riot, the return of Stupid Celebrity Crap, Celebrity Birthdays, and more. It is a packed show.

Rocket City Riot have two albums coming at you. For their 10th anniversary, they are re-recording their first album. How cool is that. We have Rocket Launcher from that album. For the second release, it is all new and tentatively titled “Saturday Night Angels.” We have “Where We Begin” from that release. It is great when we get new stuff from the Royal Court!

In the return of the Stupid Celebrity Crap segment, we have some goodies for you. Billy Mays liked the coke, and we don’t mean soft drinks, at least that is what his autopsy says. The Abdul, as in Paula, is being courted by both the dancing reality shows. Who would have thought she would work again? And just to round it out, Joaquin Phoenix is still batty, and decides to go shopping. Fun stuff.

Also, Shonen Knife is touring the States in Sept and October, how cool is that? Get the tour dates HERE!

Tunes on the Show


Rocket City Riot– Rocket Launcher and Where We Begin


The Polymorphines-Bring Your Love Back Home


The Palace Flophouse-Minor League Pitcher


Shattered Atom-Hollywood


The Deadly Vibes-Man I Love That Rock n Roll

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