Want To Get Into Media Production But Worried About the Cost? It is Magix

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My production arsenal includes many well known titles. I use Sony Vegas, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and more.

The problem with these titles is the price, unless you want to go the pirate route. The cost of these titles can be the reason people stay out of media production.

There is, of course, the open source path. Many of audio folks use Audacity for their projects, and it is a great program. The problem sets in if you want to do more video oriented stuff, there is not a whole lot available. Add to this the fact that with open source, you don’t get support for the products. You get forums and such, but for some, this is a negative point.

Enter the German company Magix. This company has been producing cheaper variations of the programs needed to produce quality media. The products they create are almost as feature rich as the high priced counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost. Get Sony Acid for a few hundred, or get Magix Music Maker for $50-75. You get 95% of the functionality, but really, few people even need that extra 5%.

My computers were loaded with Magix software when I got started. Now, I keep my old versions around. I never get rid of a computer, unless it goes belly up. I use my older Magix programs on my retired systems and still mess around with them to this day.

Well, Magix is making it even easier to jump into media production. They are having a clearance sale to blow out some of their titles to make way for new versions. The sale lasts until Aug. 17th, or supplies run out. At least one of the titles is already gone, so check it out quick.

The price of all the sale titles is $19.99! That is 20 freakin dollars! Add shipping and the final comes to around $25. That is a deal, or a steal.

Just so you know, this is a good time to say that I have no financial dealings with Magix. This is not a paid endorsement or an affiliate deal. I really believe in these products at the regular price point. To get them for 20 bucks is a great deal.

Titles offered in this deal include Music Maker 14, which is competition for Sony Acid, Audio Cleaning Lab 12 which helps to digitize records and clean up rough audio, Webradio Recorder which allows recording of audio as it is played on your system, and more!

So, go HERE and check it out. Get your supplies before they run out.

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