Be a Man, Damn It!

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I have a new favorite site. It is called The Art of Manliness. This site is a catch all in the lost arts of the testosterone driven sex. I can’t get enough of it.

Topics include working out. Not just the same old drivel, but serious workouts from today and yesterday. How about a 10 minute Charles Atlas special? It is there. The Marine fitness test? It is there. Full, serious bodyweight routines? There. Weight training? Kettlebells? 35 types of pushups? How to get serious on pushups? How to freakin arm wrestle? All there, and all fun to read.

Need to know the almost lost art of the wet shave? Look no further. How to command a room? It is there as well. How about profiles on real mens men like Ernest Hemingway? They have it all covered.

They even cover the serious stuff that men have a hard time dealing with, such as male depression and paying your dues. Seriously, this site rocks!

I have long lamented the fact that traditional male attitudes, traditions, and behaviors have been going by the wayside, killed by PC attitudes and feminist sympathies.  This site is one hell of a combat source to those attitudes.

I have recently started wearing Old Spice, just because when I was young, real men wore it. It was not designer, it was not all that good smelling. It was bottled man, along with Aqua Velva and Brut. Well, I can’t bring myself to wear those, but Old Spice, hell yeah. Screw you if you can’t take it. Effie, although not the biggest fan of the fragrance, loves the utter manliness of the gesture. Let’s just say, the Charlie Rich song behind closed doors goes off quite a bit in our house, in spirit that is, and that is amazing as we both loath country music.

The site has it all, so check it out. If you are a man by biology and don’t get the site, or it makes you uncomfortable, or assaults your sensibilities, then you, sir, may just be the pussy that seriously needs what this site has to offer. If you go there and get the urge to mate, kill your own food, or just go and cut the grass and change a tire, then you are on the right path. I congratulate you!

Now get over there and be a man, Damnit!
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