It is Brat Day at RfL!

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What a world we live in, eh? Some people are rational and easy going, others are high strung and aggravating. Most of us are somewhere in between, which is cool.

But then there are the BRATS.

Brats come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. One thing most of us have in common is the desire to see brats get their comeuppance. We want to see the brats get what they deserve. The problem is that brats are so annoying, and oblivious to their brattiness, most people give them what they want just to make them go away.

Damn brats!

Here are a few brats of the world.

If you don’t think that some people should be voted off the planet, to borrow a process from crappy reality shows, then you have not met Audry.

Anyone notice this girl is okay looking, not ugly,  but not half as attractive as she thinks she is? Crazy is as crazy does, or thinks. I thought this was a parody at first.

And even celebrities are not immune. (I know, redundant)

I would love to be in a meeting with this guy. Uh, and yeah, and that means no I would not.

At least this girl reformed. The adult version posted this video of herself as a child. See, there is hope.

Well, the best way to get to the brats is to shine a spotlight on them, hopefully. Now point and laugh everyone, just point and laugh.





photo by dboy
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