Yes, Sex Sells, But What?

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The line ‘Sex Sells,’ is an oldie, but goody. Also, it is true. Just take a look at advertising over the years and things have gone from tame to tawdry to nearly, and sometimes outright, obscene.

That is not a critique, just an observation.

But still, sometimes I see an ad and all I see is the sex. Sometimes it is not all that evident what the product or service is.


For the record, the ad is for the leggings, or tights, whatever they are called. But really, is that the first thing you notice?

And yes, I did this whole post just to put a semi-naked, cute girl pic up. The whole advertising thing was just a ploy. Still, the premise holds.

Hey, you obviously read this blog, you can’t say you don’t know that I pull stuff like this from time to time. You have to admit this beats the whole ‘TIT‘ thing. Or the first ‘TIT‘ thing.

The Liz Phair thing was a bit better, though.

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