A Quick Twitter Gripe

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Alright, you know that I hate marketing spam on Twitter.You know I think the people that think Twitter is the greatest thing since sliced bread are a bit loopy. You know I think the people that think Twitter is a community are well off their rockers.

So, what could I be griping about today?

People. That is what I am griping about today, people. And this gripe plays in to the myth of the community, conversation, or whatever else crazy kumbaya stuff people say about Twitter.

**redundant alert**
Before I get to what bothers me, let me say this, Twitter is a numbers game for most that are on and active. Let me also say that a lot of folks that have accounts are not active. Let me also say one more time that with the growth of third party apps, a lot of people ghost follow a large portion of folks on their list. Okay, one more time, and yes it is redundant. For most people, Twitter is a numbers game more than a conversation or a community.
**redundancy off**

Now to what is bothering me.

I get a lot of emails telling me of new followers. So much in fact, that if I were to respond to them all when they come in, I would be working Twitter all day.  I usually let these notices build up and then handle a bunch at once. Still, if you look at my Twitter account, you will notice that my numbers don’t change much. This is for two reasons.

1. I check out your account and find marketing spam or other reasons not to follow you back, and thus get unfollwed eventually.

2. You have pissed me off by making it known that I am not interesting enough to follow, you just wanted another reciprocating follower.

One is self explanatory. Two may need some explaining.

As I said above, I usually wait to go through my new follow notifications after they build up for a few days. I look through them every five or six days on average. Guess what I usually find. These nutcases have unfollowed me by the time I go through the notices. I am talking days, most definitely less than a week. I did not immediately follow them back, so they dumped me. How do I know this? After I do follow them, I get a notification saying they are now following me back. They did not follow for content, or interest, or just because they liked my mug in the avatar. (who does?) No they were fishing for follower numbers, and when I did not immediately give them another follow, they dumped me like a bad habit.

Yeah, that is community. That is definitely a conversation. That is most definitely good networking.


I tend to unfollow these folks fast. In turn, as I am no longer stroking their ego, they unfollow back, for the second time. This is one of the reasons I often say I will put my 1700-1800 followers up against a lot of those with many thousands or more. My list may not be perfect, but it is cultivated to a certain degree. Cultivation is usually a good thing.

If you use Twitter this way, I have to ask why? Is it ego? If it is then it is false ego. Get some self esteem or get some help. Maybe get some real flesh and blood friends, seriously.

Is it to sell things? Do you honestly think that the list you build this way is a list built on authority or trust? If you are going to market, authority and trust are the two things that must be established first, no exceptions. There is a reason Kevin Kelly says you need 1000 People, or as he says, true fans. You need the right 1000, as they are way more powerful than many thousands who are just chaff.

Every day Twitter loses me a bit more. The tipping point is the day it is no longer fun. Right now, Twitter still amuses me. Let’s see how long that lasts.

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