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What a difference a week makes. I was laid off  from my main gig at Certified Golf  the day before Thanksgiving. The company made it one year and then had to shut down. On Thanksgiving I wrote that if you think about it, the blessings outweigh the challenges.  Even though I believe that, I was having a bit of trouble dealing with the thought.

Now, the next week, things are one hundred percent different.

My Godchild Mariella Lee Matthews was born on Thursday. On that same day, I got  a new job. One week unemployed in this current job climate is not bad at all.

Then, when Efie and I were out having a nice celebration day for the good shift of events, I found the desk I have been wanting for quite a while. Not by name, but a desk designed with all the features I have been wanting, but have been unable to find. Hell, it was on sale as well!

We have moved my previous command center desk into the bedroom and it is Effie’s new vanity. The desk is an antique leathertop that we bought in England. The desk was too small for what I needed, and with all the equipment on it, the beauty of the leathertop was hidden. Now it is being  put to better use.

Now, my RfL Command Center is living up to the title more thatn ever. Here it is.

And a Closer view of the work area.


I am in geek heaven.

Now, the new desk in no way is on the same level as Marialla’s birth or my getting back to the land of the employed so fast, but finding something you have been looking for as long as I had been looking, then getting a great deal on it is still pretty cool.

Cheers everyone!

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