Google, Play Nice With Google

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So I was just on Google Wave, on Google Chrome, and I got an “insecure content” warning. I know that actually does not mean much, I just thought it was funny that a Google service, on a Google browser, would bring up that warning. I am also baffled at the fact that I have to use a third party extension to access my Google bookmarks on Google Chrome.

Just saying.

Google, play nice with Google.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the extensions function! I have now left Mozilla behind for everything but the Web Developer Toolbar, which I don’t use that much these days anyway.

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  1. You should check Firebug on Firefox. It blows the Web Dev Toolbar out of the water in terms of functionality.

  2. Hey Brent.

    It is funny you say that as I did install it last week, but have yet to dig into it. I will definitely give it a go now. Thanks.

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