Episode 411! RfL Indie Music Blast, Rock With a Snarl

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Royal Court Members The Erotics


A new name, a bit of an attitude change, but still RfL! We are back with some of the best music from the indie world.

And it feels great to be back!

It is the RfL  Indie Music Blast! It is episode #411, Rock with a Snarl!

We have some great rock tunes from bands that call themselves pop-punk, rock, and hard rock, but all perform with a rock-n-roll snarl.

It is all attitude!

Music on the Show

Jody Porter_The Little Things

Outspoken_Monkey Ballsagna

Straight Outta Junior High

Number One Champs

The Mighty Pikeys

The Erotics

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3 Responses

  1. Faith

    Wow….this is awesome. I can’t wait to hear the show. You always pick the best, what would we do without you? 🙂

  2. Joshua

    Thanks for the love guys. The Molly Ringwald refers to the dance she does in all those teens movies. We felt the song made girls want to dance. We wanted to pay tribute to the teen icons of the time before us.

    Peace be with you.
    Number One Champs

  3. Hey Joshua, thanks for visiting the site and talking about the tune! Loved it. Can’t wait to feature more of your work in upcoming shows.


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