Computers Confuse the Hell Out of Me at Times

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I love Google Chrome. Since the roll out of extensions, I have used it almost exclusively as my main browser.

Before Chrome, my choice was Firefox. I still really like the Mozilla browser, I just find Chrome geared more to the way I use a browser.

Still, I can’t quit Firefox. This devotion is not by choice, but necessity. My main tower seems to hate Chrome. It hates it with an unbridled passion.

I have five active computers that I use personally. My old Toshiba lappy that I use to test sites in IE6, My old Dell tower that is now my garage computer, my once trusty HP lappy that is now our entertainment PC for streaming to our bedroom TV, my new trusty HP lappy that is full of awesomeness, and my main e-machine tower. We also have Effie’s main Dell system and her crappy Gateway laptop for a total of seven. All of these computers, with the exception of my E-machine tower, run Chrome just fine. It is because of the tower that I can’t completely break ties with Firefox.

The tower runs the same system as four of our other computers. Same operating system, the works. Most have the same software installed and I have the same options on all as well.

This quirk does not bother me enough to really explore the situation. It definitely does not bother me enough to pay someone else to look into it. It bothers me just enough, with full understanding that I make my living using computers, to say that sometimes I freakin hate computers and all the techno voodoo that comes with them.

That is all.



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