RfL Indie Music Blast #412, Janus 4-14 Edition

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janus 4-14

Janus 4-14

Great music, eclectic set list, celebrity birthdays, news of RfL, and a butt clinching idiots story that ends with the coveted bitchslap award.

This episode is for the launch of Janus 4-14’s new EP which is available on itunes right now. Get over to the Janus 4-14 site for details. This band has deep podcasting roots as Chad Barnard is the “ME” in the “Me and the Bean” show. One of the pioneers.

We also bring back the “Idiots all Around Us” segment for a 25 year old Florida man that does not realize the buttocks area in not a safety deposit box. For more details on this latest RfL Bitchslap award winner, listen to the show or check out the news story.

We have news of other RfL projects such as scoring a soundtrack for novelist Jessika Council’s latest book and an animated “Pudgies” adventure for my god daughter, celebrity birthdays, and SJ.

Wow, eh?

Great stuff!

Music on the episode

Meghan Morrison–Reluctantly

Janus 4-14–unsure Hands


Id Guinness–Square One

Christopher–Another Blue Ribbon

Sandbox Rebel–A Song For Glenn

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  1. hey,thank you for your help,I found the link that I needed,It was a stupid idea,but Ineeded the link to at least complete the stupid idea,thanks for helping me,you the man,don’t ban me from the abe,cool website,loook at the rating,way to go Eban!!!

  2. This is a funny show! I quite literally laughed out loud during the celebrity birthday bit. Am I correct in suspecting that the only reason you have that segment is to make a mockery of it? haha

    Thank you so much for featuring my song, especially in such an eclectic mix (my favourite kind). It was a pleasant surprise to find myself in the same podcast as Parker (also based in Toronto). Love their tunes. The whole show was great! Kudos!

    If you’re ever in Toronto, I’d love to have you as a guest on my webcast.


    Meghan Morrison

  3. Thanks Meghan! Loved the song and your go get em attitude in promoting your tunes. I will enjoy having you on future shows.


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