Time To Stop An Out of Control Agency

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Feel like having yourself, your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, and/or kids ogled and viewed naked by cut rate federal employees. If you don’t you do have an option, a complete, genital feeling and groping, grab and search session.

That is the two options that you will now have at airports that have the new, high radiation, full body scanners.

Violated for purchasing a means of transportation. When did flying go form a consumer service to a guilty until proven innocent experiment in giving up your personal rights?

Here is what was said by one extremely smart official.

David Castelveter of the Air Transport Association said the industry is concerned about the privacy of its passengers, but safety takes priority.

“[The] decisions are made by the TSA. We simply comply with their recommendations and mandates,” he told WND. “They have established these new security measures.”

That sounds a lot like, “We were just following orders.” Guess how many historical atrocities have been committed with those words.

Check out the site “We Won’t Fly” t0 see and participate in a backlash against these silly encroachments in our freedoms.  Also check out Nudeoscope.com for more information.

It is time to take a stand. things are out of control at our airports. The funny thing is, this really does not make a big difference in our security. It is window dressing that will have you or your family violated for the hell of it.

Seriously bad.


**Edit** A more complete list of websites and resources can be found at World Net Daily. Check it out. Also there, you can read about some of the situations folks have already gone through, including getting handcuffed for questioning the procedures.

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