2010 Reaching for Lucidity Christmas Special, Episode 415

A bunch of indie holiday tunes to drive the Grinch out of anyone. This music will get you in a festive mood, no matter how hard I try to destroy the cheer. 😉

Next show: The Juggernaut, Hard Rock And Metal Friday

Music on the show

Karmyn Tyler–Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas

Anji Bee–Happy Holidays

Sentinel–The Christmas Song

Rod Kim–OMG It’s Christmas

Emily Jones–Jingle Thrash

Bubble–Christmas Here on Mars


Photo credits

Grinch photo in slide show by Rusty Boxcars

Santa Claus is Coming to Town from Matalyn

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5 Responses

  1. Mike Taylor

    I don’t know. That’s not what I heard. Word on the street has it that you put the hit on Kermit.

  2. Shhhhhh! I am in his will and he is totally clueless.

  3. Oh Awesome!! Hello!
    Thank You so much for playing “Jingle Thrash” on your hilarious Christmas show, really enjoyed hearing all the featured music. Thanks for sharing your humor and for your stupendous support of independent musicians. You will definitely be on Santa’s Good List for this. No doubt.
    Merry Christmas. 🙂

  4. Hey Emily,

    It was a pleasure. I loved the tune. If there is one thing I hate around this time of the year it is the same old tunes being delivered the same old way. Jingle Thrash is just amazing!


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