RfL Indie Music Blast Episode 413: A Look Back,and Ahead

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We get a bit nostalgic in this episode, both in memories and in production.

Caution, this episode is recorded loud. As I said above, we are going retro in production. This show, and shows from now on are going to be recorded real time, just like the old days. That means the production will not be as slick, and will have warts, but the shows will come out faster.

I will need a few episodes under my belt to work out the kinks such as the levels being too hot and getting better at punching in and out and such. Hang in, ;-).

We are looking at some bands that were big at the start of podcasting, some of which have not survived. We also take a look at the future with new RfL favorite, Mehgan Morrison.


Music on the show.

Rotoscope Drive

Brother Love–Sick of Chicks

Meghan Morrison–People Like You

Jody Shelton–All These Sounds

Paper Boy Jack–Scream

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds–Bring it on and Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

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