Creating and Guiding Your “Aha” Moments

Pacifica CaliforniaHave you ever had an “Aha” moment? One of those times where all the answers you have been searching for come to you and your energy seems to be perfectly directed? Aren’t those moments magical?

Did you know that you can create them?

I did not think I could either. I could not grasp the concept of creating “Aha” moments until hindsight came into the picture. As it is said by many, “hindsight is 20/20.”

I don’t like cliches all that much, but that one fits.

I know that the “Aha” moment seems like a phenomenon that comes out of nowhere and deposits all the motivation and know-how to tackle anything that is happening in your life. It usually brings a new direction into your life and many times is foretelling the beginning of prosperous times. I now think, however,these moments are a culmination of your built up study, motivation, and discoveries. The key is realizing that, and then using your new knowledge to drive you to more  moments of clarity like these.

Momentum comes into play here. Putting a course of action into motion creates the momentum that eventually leads to these moments of life.

Think about this. Prayer or meditation, no matter what your beliefs, often leads to the realization of what you were yearning for while in your prayer or meditative state. This is not about miracles, but the day to day realization of things you pray or meditate about. It can be argued that by praying or meditating, you are starting momentum, but it goes beyond that. You will find a lot of the time, when you pray or meditate, you also start working in ways that lead to accomplishing your goals or aquiring that which you want. Doing little things, even unconsciously, builds momentum to achieve things you want for your life.

Let’s look at this in a completely different way. Winning the lottery could be a tremendous “Aha” type moment. Still, you could watch the lottery drawing everyday for your entire life and never win without one little bit of momentum being put into place. You could never win without purchasing a ticket.

I know that is extreme. Millions of people put that exact momentum into play every week, but only a tiny percentage will ever reap the benefits. I just use the lottery as a way of explanation.

Looking back on the times in my life that I had These incredible moments, they are easy to dismiss as being from the beyond. The universe rewarding me somehow rather than the result of momentum I had put into play. In looking back, however, I realize that I was always working towards goals, sometimes it was just in an unconscious way. The “Aha” moment was the point where a bunch of seemingly unrelated things that I was doing in my life came together.

Whenever I figured out a new training protocol that really worked back in my lifting days, it was not a message that was magically sent to me. Maybe I had been trying a bunch of different things in my workouts, or my diet, or reading the right articles. Maybe I listened to the right person or watched the right show. Then one day, after educating myself and experimenting, it all clicked. Because I was not consciously experimenting or studying with the particular goal that the “Aha” moment brought, it of course seemed like divine intervention,or something of the sort. The same thing applies to my shows on the net, my writing, or when Effie and I seemingly out of the blue up and moved to Germany for two years. Hell, it applies to all aspects of my life.

Figuring this out from hindsight, this can easily be applied to current or future plans. We can actually create, or at least steer ourselves to our next big moment. To say that this came to me in an actual  “Aha” moment would be a bit crazy in this context, but it would be a true statement.

Here are some ideas to start guiding your next “Aha” moment. This list is long, but is not all inclusive. There is no end to the things you can do to start down the path to achieving an “Aha” moment.

Start reading about things you want in your life. Study biographies of people you admire or have achieved things you wish to achieve. Watch movies with characters you relate to or want to be more like, then write your own fan fiction with you as the hero. Don’t follow paths blindly, but instead experiment. It could be mundane things like taking new routes home from work to more targeted things like trying out new life experiments for a set amount of time then switching things up and comparing your notes. See Tim Ferris or Julian Smith for ideas. Start a new, only you, journal and look for patterns. Give up entertainment TV for a while and only watch documentaries, or hell, just watch concerts if the mood strikes you. I suggest “Born to Boogie.” If you do not watch much TV then take it up for a week just for kicks. Stop going to your same favorite internet sites for a week with a goal of finding a new site an evening and devouring it. Start a new blog. Kill an old blog. Mindmap like a mad person.

You can do anything, really, just whatever you do, do it consciously. Look for the patterns. When you see patterns, modify your actions and experiments until things come further into focus. This way, you can create your very own special moments. Let’s call this process something. Maybe we can call it, “Aha Engineering!”

Give it a shot. The worst thing that could happen is you learn some new things and do a lot of interesting activities. The best thing that could happen is you actually guide yourself to an “Aha” moment. Then, you can do it again, and again, and again . . .

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