Driving Rock Mix__RfL ImB ep. 418!

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Today’s show is all about driving rock, and how much a certain Oscar buzzing movie sucks. We feature acts such as The Evidence, When Summer’s Gone, Gotham City Mashers, August Ruins, Jsin, and with one of our five ultimate show closers, The Supersuckers.

That brings me to apologies to Gotham City Mashers, I mispronounce the band several times during the show as Gothic City Mashers. I had a typo in my show notes. Oops. I always have my mistakes, it is one way to define me. 😉

Yes, I did go see a movie yesterday when I was supposed to be doing this show. Trust me, I paid for it. I will talk about my movie disappointment from a major Oscar front-runner.

The show also has our celebrity birthdays, some facts for Jan 23rd through history, and more.

Enjoy the show!


Music on The Show!

The Evidence__Crossing the Rubicon

When Summer’s Gone__Ocean Boulevard

Gotham City Mashers__The Heist

August Ruins__What You Don’t Know


The Supersuckers_Pretty fucked Up


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  1. Eban, thanks for playing us! Just listened to the podcast. I really dug all the bands. And the closing tune is always a classic. Thanks for the support and stay in touch. We’ll do the same. -Joe from Gotham City Mashers. gothamcitymashers@gmail.com

  2. Great to hear from you Joe. You guys have a great vibe. The best rock has a dirty vibe to it, and you guys pull that off in spades. I look forward to featuring the Gotham City Mashers quite a bit in the future.


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