Next Episode of RfL ImB is Set For January 22, 2011

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That is right, we are going to have a driving rock mix for episode 418. The house is going to “ROCK!”

While waiting for the next episode, be sure to check out our show archives. We have a lot to offer. RfL has been going since 2005, 2004 actually, but it was not called Reaching for Lucidity at the time. That is a lot of shows. 417 to be near exact.

Also, you can check out our animated adventures as well.

I have also started a new blog called Eban Crawford dot Com, Everything Eban That Fits Nowhere Else. Check that out as well.

So, be back here Saturday evening, we will miss you otherwise, seriously.



**PS** Episode 419 will be Monday or Tuesday and will be Blues and or Groove Rock. Stay tuned.

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