On Cadillacs and PT Cruisers, Are You Doing “Your” Thing?

The Reaching for Lucidity "Epic Luce"

The "Epic Luce" when I first bought it

What kind of car do you drive. Did you pick it for passion? For Price? For practicality? Did you get it for another reason?

I ask as I had an interesting experience after I was discharged from jury duty last week. Since I was dressed in my best duds, I decided to have what I call a James Bond moment and test drive a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. This is the two door, $63-70k, 551 horsepower rocket in the Cadillac line. It is a fine car, and I had a blast. (Yes, I know Bond never drove a Caddy, but he was also British, which I am not)

2011 Cadillac CTS-V

2011 CTS-V Interior

Afterwords, I got back in my PT Cruiser and headed home. The PT Cruiser is my current project car and  am having a blast with it. I just added some new chrome accents and next I am fitting a cold air intake. I have some more ambitious cosmetic plans after that. I am not leaning towards tuner looks, but retro classic looks. Think somewhere between hot rod and diesel punk.

There was a time in my life when I would have been depressed getting back into my project Cruiser after driving such a fine automobile. Not any longer.

It is true that at this moment I have no way of getting myself into that Cadillac. Luckily, that will not always be the case. Effie and I are back on our feet and working after our layoffs last year, and we are doing well. Just not that well, yet.

Still, even if I could buy it today, I don’t know that I would. My project Cruiser, I call it the “Epic Luce,” brings me a bit of pride. Every change I make to it makes it more unique and more a part of me. More so than an off the lot car that anyone with the cash can buy. I am putting my personal stamp on the “Luce”. That matters more to me now than the appearance I project to others in driving this car.

I read a comment once online where the writer, after having to rent a PT Cruiser as no other cars were available, let loose on the vehicle. He wrote something to the effect of, “I tell you this, no real man can ever drive a PT Cruiser!” He said more, but that was the main portion of the comment.

To him I would propose that a “REAL” man can drive anything and make it work. A real man could pull off driving a pink Volkswagon Beetle with lady bugs painted on it. A real man’s response to the puzzled looks and smirks would be a cold stare and a forceful “What?” as his retort.

I guess I have reached that point in life where I am going to do my own thing regardless of the opinions of others. I don’t mean putting out a negative image of myself, I just mean that I don’t care to put up a front strictly for the sake of appearances. I wish I would have reached this point sooner as I was once completely hung up on appearances. Still, better late than never.

I know I started this post with questions about cars, but this is actually about more. It is about the priorities you place on living your life as opposed to putting up a front and living a life you think looks more impressive or less eccentric to others. Life is too short to spend more time than is necessary doing things or acting in ways that you do not want to do or be. We will always have to do things that are not pleasant or in line with with our dreams or goals. The idea is to limit the time we send on such things so we can do the things that lead us towards our goals and our joy.

So, what kind of car do you drive?


2 thoughts on “On Cadillacs and PT Cruisers, Are You Doing “Your” Thing?”

  1. Glad you reached the point Eban. Some reach it sooner, come later, but the important thing is to make it. Peace happens when you reach it and the realization comes that other people can't make you happy. They can you make you happier, but making it to happy starts with reaching the point.

    Oh yeah, I drive a blue Nissan Sentra. But I just made 50 so I'm thinking about going buy my first sports car this year.

    Take care over thee, Gordon

  2. Yeah, G, I guess I was due. I do feel that this past year has opened up a lot for Effie and I. We are so far having a terrific 2011 and are making plans to get even better.

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