Why Modern Conservatism may be Irrelevant

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It appears the “new conservatism” that is spreading around our country may not be the vessel of powerful change it at first appears to be. The jury, of course, is still out, but maybe it is racing fast towards irrelevancy.

I like to get my news from many sources, both traditionally conservative and liberal.Truth is, I don’t trust any MSM sources much these days. I hit Drudge, Fox, CNN, CBS, and even WND, to get a balanced picture of what is being said in the world, then I filter it through my own prism and experience. For some reason, I avoid ABC, go figure.

If I were to label myself, I would be an Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian mostly. No one is 100% anything and I do differ on many points with the complete creed of anarcho-capitalism. I truly believe in personal freedoms to the extreme that these freedoms should only be infringed upon when these said freedoms infringe on another person’s life. I mean real infringement in this case, not upsetting others or making people uncomfortable. I don’t believe in PC crap. I believe that victimless crimes should be removed from the books. I believe in true open market economy and a weak central government. I believe in gun ownership and the Fairtax. I believe in personal responsibility and sovereignty. I believe the amount of governmental power should increase as the area of influence gets smaller, thus making the individual strongest, local government follows that, regional next, then state, and only then, federal. Not the other way around.

With that said, I watched with interest as the Tea Party movement handed the left a pretty good shellacking in the elections last November. I say interest as I did not have a lot of faith that this movement was anything but a shiny new veneer on old tired ideas.

With the exception of a few Tea Party candidates, such as Rand Paul, my suspicions seem to be in the process of validation. In a vote earlier this week many freshman representatives identifying themselves as conservative voted for extension of provisions of the Patriot Act (the failure of the measure had a lot to do with 36 democrats switching their position. Many freshman republicans voted for the measure). The Patriot Act is at it’s core a seriously blow to our freedoms in this country and is hideous law. Period. We will have to see how the upcoming vote goes next week.

So I have to ask, is this the new and improved conservatism? One thing about the libs, as we learned with the campaign of Obama, they don’t hide who they really are. They may be wrongheaded on most things (my opinion), but they are upfront about it. Obama laid out his plans for all to see in his campaign, it was the people that chose not to hear it or ignore it.

This past week we had CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. Normally I don’t pay much attention to CPAC, still don’t actually, but a couple of articles of commentary by “TRUE” conservatives have caught my attention.

Evidently, several well known “conservatives” boycotted this years CPAC due to inclusion of those dirty gay folks, GOProud. How dare those nasty gays invade the conservative stronghold with their decidedly gay ideas of what conservatism should be.

Up front on this is the guy most likely to spew intolerance all over you if you disagree with his ideas of how life, the universe, and everything should play out, Joseph Farrah. Farrah is the grand poobah of WorldNetDaily.

Farrah’s ideas of why GOProud is not conservative seem to be strictly due to their being gay. Seriously. In Farrah’s world, conservative means Christian, and Christian means not letting people like the “gays” have a place in the national discourse. If you are not Christian, you can’t be a conservative and are part of the problem and can’t be part of the solution. In his current column, Farrah calls out Sarah Palin for having the audacity to defend GOProud. It’s as if she does not know they are those dirty gay folks or something. Farrah has also called out Ann Coulter for the same issue.

Another WND commentator, Starr Parker, reaches the same conclusion. She lays out her argument with almost as much venom as Farrah.

I want to donate to GOProud just to stick it to these folks. It takes guts to label yourself conservative in the gay community. I think this organization is a good thing in our modern world. This is how new ideas blossom, by including those with similar goals, but different ideas or paths.

It is important to point out that I am a Christian. Not just someone who casually says that, but a true believer. As a Christian, this attitude shown by the likes of Farrah and Parker disgusts me in far too many ways.

Just for the record, Pat Boone, also a Christian, did attend CPAC and received a lifetime achievement award. Maybe Farrah and Parker should look to Pat for guidance. Hell, Pat and Ozzy Osborne are buds after living as neighbors for a bit. If that is not a saints and sinners situation, nothing is. That is how you should act, inclusive, not exclusive, and stop with the freakin judgmental attitudes.

This is yet another reason the modern conservative movement is pretty much a joke. It is the same old, just dressed in new duds. The unfortunate thing is, the smell creeps out anyway.

For the record, conservatism is a political ideology, not a religious creed. Some points of conservatism are smaller central government, free markets, Low social spending, and traditional values. This is of course not an all inclusive list of conservative principles, and can even be broken up into Social Conservatism and Fiscal Conservatism. The point being, there should be no “my way or the highway” in this situation. We are a nation of differences as much as a nation of similarities. It is what makes us strong.

Even in the ranks of Libertarianism there are different schools of thought. As I pointed out earlier, I even differ in ideas with other anarcho-capitalists. The difference here is that we embrace these differences, for the most part, as necessary. It fosters growth and ideas.

It would appear that the resurgence of conservatism is just window dressing so far. At least the evidence points that way at the moment.

Cheers, Eban

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