8 Essentials: What I Carry in my Pockets

It seems like I have come across quite a few blog posts and articles lately focused on the contents of peoples pockets. Some of these just seem like simple curiosity. Others seem to take the point of view that technology, smart phones in particular, are replacing items we used to carry in our pockets.

I have been inspired by this question and feel like showing my pocket contents. Of course, I sometimes carry more than these items, my eight essentials, but these are always with me. Here is a picture.


My 8 pocket essentials, click the pic for larger view.

In the picture above you can see the items I always have in my pockets. I have become so used to having these items I feel a bit lost if I do not have them with me.

1. My Epic 4G. I have become so attached to this device I don’t remember what I did without it. This has replaced my laptop in many everyday uses. From organizing my calendar, to banking, to blogging, and so on, it seems as if I am always on this phone. Nuff said.

2. Gerber Ripstop Pocket Knife. Smooth one hand opening. A blade that holds an edge. Small enough to go unnoticed but big enough for any task for which I need it. Skeletal body for easy cleaning and lighter weight. I love this knife! Similar to the Paraframe.

3. Wallet. For wallet stuff.

4. Aluminum Business Card Case by Umbra. Tough enough to protect the cards and just crazy enough to have people asking what it is.

5. Pewter Answer Dice. Just what it sounds like. The answers are call meeting, it’s 50/50, no, try again, forget it, and yes. I use this more than I should. No idea where to find these now. I bought this in a small stationary shop in Burlingame, California several years ago.

6. Double Cutty Sark poker chip. This used to be one black and one green Cutty Sark poker chip glued together but the Cutty Sark long ago disappeared. I  use this as a simpler answer device than the answer dice. Anyone can flip a coin, I flip poker chips.

7. 8g Kingston Data Traveler thumb drive. I use this to carry files, run portable apps, and even run a virtual Mac. The virtual Mac is simply for geek cred. The rest, the  files and portable apps, are actually for productivity. (yes, assault cube is a productivity app)

8. My Thinkgeek Japanese Golden Poo. The Japanese think it is good luck, who am I to argue. I keep this attached to the Epic 4G. Has not let me down yet, although the gold is wearing off. Looks like I may need more poo.

Well, that is it, my essential eight items that I always have in my pockets.

What do you carry in your pockets. Feel free to comment and let us know what you carry around, and why.



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