The Time is Here: RfL The Animated Adventures Ep. 6 is in Production

That is right, The Animated Adventures, episode 6, is now in production. In this episode Lester takes on a bigger role. It should be a lot of fun. I am sending out a casting call for the role of a gym manager that has the unlucky task of giving Lester a job interview.

Those familiar with the series, and Lester, know that can’t be a good thing.

I  can work with people anywhere in the world. All I ask is that you be able to supply a good quality recording and performance and that you have fun with the role. Anyone interested, drop me a line right here or leave a comment.



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  1. Patola

    I would like to participate in your new episode.

  2. Cool beans. I will see if I can work out a part for you. If not, I will write you into episode 7. Make you a star boy, that is what I will do.

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