In Progress Machinima Scene for Season 2 of RfL Animated Adventures

I have been working on Season 2 of the RfL Animated Adventures. I wish I could tell the whole story of why it took so long to get to season 2, but I can’t. The good thing is that season two is in production.

To let you know this is true I decided to share and in progress scene of my machinima. Todd Jordan actually laid out a challenge on G+ yesterday to create something and share it. I figured this in progress scene would do the trick.

I love Machinima, that is for sure. I actually toyed with the idea of moving towards more traditional cut-out and cell style 2d animation for the new season, but my heart is in Machinima, and that is the world the The RfL Animated Adventures belongs.

In this short scene, SJ gets a little upset after his day takes a turn for the worst. I have most of the motion finished, about 90% done. I have some effects in place, maybe 50% done. There is no sound yet such as dialogue, soundtrack, or sound effects.

Hope you enjoy this tiny peak into the season two of The RfL Animated Adventures machinima series.



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