An Interesting Take On The Value of Experimentation


I just read an interesting article titled “The Value of Experimentation” from the blog “There Are No Rules”

I wanted to share this as it has bearing on how I participate on the web for the next few months. I will be living an experiment.

This experiment is born of my last post on creating. I have always created. I create a lot more than anyone ever sees as I am a perfectionist of sorts. (Or possibly a per-psycho-nist as not everything I put out is even near perfect. I have issues alright 😉 ) The experiment is to short circuit this perfectionism by forcing myself to hit publish or send in the public arena.

I am moving most of my production to the cloud or mobile arena. For the next few months I will not use Photoshop, Fireworks, Ableton, MS Office, or stuff along that line. I will be using Aviary, Google Docs, my phone, and a number of other cloud based apps that require my work to be shared as a consequence of saving. (Partial List Below Post)

See, no more holding back.

There are some apps that are not cloud based that I will have to rely on such as Celtx and my Reallusion Suite of animation programs. Anything that I can do in the cloud will be done in the cloud or on my phone.

Well, this experiment starts now as I am writing this in bed on my Epic 4g. Something tells me you will be seeing quite a bit of me in the near future, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Just keep telling yourself, “at least he’s no Pirrilo,” and we will be fine. 😉


Some of the Apps I will be using, most are in the Google Chrome Store:

Aviary Suite

Write Space

Ajax Animator



BeFunky Photo Editor


Various apps on my Epic 4G such as WordPress, FX Camera, Camera Illusion, Springpad, Qik, Thinkfree Office, SBM,and Magic Doodle. (All in the Android App Store)

Celtx (Still system based, but it has a cloud element in the studio and I can’t find a suitable cloud replacement)

For my animation work, I have to stick with my Reallusion suite of products. i can’t recommend these enough!

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