Changing My Allegiance From Everlast to Title Boxing, It’s Go Time

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Eban Crawford's Title Boxing Stuff

Some of my new Title Boxing stuff

My time online has been steadily decreasing. As I said in earlier posts, I am creating some new Reaching for Lucidity stuff and thus do not have the time I used to have to just be online. There is also another thing now that takes up even more of my time. The other thing that takes up most of my time is far more extreme. I am now a boxer.

I have trained in boxing for a long time. I often talk of my sessions with Everlast, my heavy bag. Still, it was just training. Now I am evaluating local training teams and I plan on competing in the next year. I am pulling the trigger.

One of the things that had to happen as I start down a more serious road in my boxing endeavor is upgrading my equipment. Everlast is a fine company at the high-end of their line, and the name most people think of when thinking of boxing. The problem is that their low to mid-range equipment is not so great. As my training volume went up, I started noticing my hands had developed a deep, bone level ache. For just a bit more scratch, Title Boxing gives a lot more quality and did away with that horrible ache. I am too old to not take care of my bones. 😉

I am in the process of switching completely to Team Title. In the pic above, you can see some of my new stuff.

It gets serious from here on out. It also gets fun. As I have heard other people say, “here is where it gets real.” Now I fully understand that sentiment.

As for the web, it just does not hold the same draw for me  it did a few years back. The real world, and the boxing world, came calling and I had to answer. Especially while I still have a few years in me to do this type of stuff.

I am still creating, and I will still push my stuff to the web, but I am not pursuing any real patronage any longer. I do it for me, and those that find it and like it. The idea of web celebrity I once had, and came close to achieving, no longer appeals to me. My priorities are my marriage, my family, my friends, my sport, and my creative endeavors, pretty much in that order. The landscape of the net, and especially the echo chamber (fishbowl, whatever), can go on acting like it matters without me.

No, I am not really gong anywhere. I am just approaching things in a totally different way. The best part is that now as I do create things for the web, it is back to being fun. It is no longer an attempt at being a professional. It is back to being a hobby, and I like it that way.

Well, I have to go now as I have a training session to get to as well as a couple of emails from a buddy that pertain to a couple of training teams I need to check out.

Team Title Boxing for the win.


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