Day two of Cold. Really Feel Like Crap

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I got new symptoms this morning. In addition to my sinuses and cough, I now have a wheezing coming from my lungs and I occasionally have trouble taking a breath.

I do not want to be at work today. I feel like crap and Dayquil is doing little to make it bettter. Can’t wait until I get home and can sleep.

I have started to spray lysol on everything I touch at home. I have to keep Effie safe.

As soon as this fog clears, I can get back to training and creating.

Freakin sucks!

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  1. Are you eating enough calories? I am sure you are, but just thought I would ask… getting sick is no fun.. maybe you aren’t eating enough and with your workouts you are just getting wiped out. Hope you feel better, good idea to be friends with the lysol can right now!

  2. Funny you mention that. We have been spraying anything I come into contact with lysol. So far Faith is not getting sick along with me this time. I took a sick day today and it seems to have helped a bunch.

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