I Don’t Feel Well Today

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It is official, colds suck. At least it is not as bad as 3 weeks ago when I thought I was going down. I will get my flu shot this year. As I wrote earlier, for whatever reason it seems my immune system is under attack this season.

I hope everyone out there is feeling better than me.

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  1. I am feeling better than you! 🙂 actually I am really tired and cranky though, your god children are keeping me mega busy!!!! Feel better!

  2. I was looking a shareaholic and playing with their fb buttons and such, found a nifty plug in for FB comments, but I love how these are all in one… can you share what plug in you are using? this is pretty cool!

  3. This is actually a function of WP.com. I have the blog here temporarily while I get the spam off of my self hosted site. I may end up leaving it here. For a self hosted blog you can try jetpack plugin. It offers a lot of functions beyond the sharing features.

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